“Helton believes an effective, consistent and timely method of addressing and resolving the inevitable friction which occurs between payors and providers is an essential component to a healthy revenue cycle. When there is a process in place to identify and solve problems whenever and wherever they occur – relationships get stronger, and operations run smoother.” – Carrie McLain, President & CEO, Helton Law Group

Why We Do What We Do

why-smallHealthcare reimbursement is becoming increasingly complicated. Given the tremendous volume of claims, layers of data, and contractual variables, friction between providers and insurers is inevitable. We believe all providers should be fully reimbursed for the services they provide and need a level playing field when dealing with payors.

Effective revenue cycle operation requires a consistent, engaged and effective means of addressing, assessing, and resolving payment disputes – when and where they arise. A consistent and effective dispute resolution process strengthens payor-provider relationships to resolve claims on an ongoing basis.