“Helton believes an effective, consistent and timely method of addressing and resolving the inevitable friction which occurs between payors and providers is an essential component to a healthy revenue cycle. When there is a process in place to identify and solve problems whenever and wherever they occur – relationships get stronger, and operations run smoother.” – Carrie McLain, President & CEO, Helton Law Group

Why It Works

gears-smallLegal Relationships Require Legal Solutions. Disputed claims in the revenue cycle need an end point or else the main alternative is to write off claims.

Helton is a law firm, staffed with healthcare lawyers and revenue cycle experts. We understand legal, contractual, regulatory, and reimbursement issues, and we know how to resolve them. Our attorneys, analysts and review cycle professionals are experienced in the business of healthcare. We focus on identifying and solving problems, and we do it well.

Our Services:

  • Contract negotiations
  • Language reviews
  • Managed care litigation
  • Contractual arbitration
  • Mediation
  • Provide litigation support to in-house legal departments
  • Review claims
  • Analyze data analysis
  • Provide informal legal opinions regarding policies and practices and any other services needed to make our clients’ revenue cycle operations better.

We have extensive experience working directly with all of the major health plans, payors and their counsel.

Helton works with payor representatives and health plans counsel resulting in a practical understanding of the business issues which arise in the context of hospital/health plan relationships.

Effective management of managed care relationships requires an array of legal skills delivered in a cost-conscious fashion, coupled with a thorough knowledge of the industry and an excellent grasp of the ever-changing regulatory environment.