“Helton believes an effective, consistent and timely method of addressing and resolving the inevitable friction which occurs between payors and providers is an essential component to a healthy revenue cycle. When there is a process in place to identify and solve problems whenever and wherever they occur – relationships get stronger, and operations run smoother.” – Carrie McLain, President & CEO, Helton Law Group

The Helton Team

hands-small Helton’s legal team is fully trained to handle all aspects of managed care reimbursement matters including:

  • Claim investigation and review
  • Data trending and analysis
  • Contractually or regulatory mandated appeal procedures
  • Informal dispute resolution procedures
  • Arbitration demands
  • Formal complaints
  • Pre-hearing discovery
  • Settlement discussions
  • Witness preparation

And when necessary, we handle mediation, arbitration and trial. Our transactional team provides legal contract language for hospital negotiators (especially on dispute resolution and key reimbursement terms), participates as part of the legal team on large dispute “pre-litigation” meetings with payors, and provides assistance on HIPAA and revenue cycle issues unique to disputed claims.

We are client centered and enjoy adjusting our work to meet the business objectives and individual business model of our clients.